Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Anarchist Shot in Parisian Revenge Attack

WE keep being told by the odd member of the Anarchist Federation that we should think ourselves lucky that we got away 'lightly' with the Salad Cream Queen's attack on the Northern Voices' bookstall at the London Anarchist Bookfair, last October.  'You got off lightly,' said one over-dressed AF member at the Bookfair and this seems to be the general attitude of the Anarchist Federation who also had a presence at the Manchester Bookfair last weekend.  This led to absurd charges of 'anti-semitism' against one supporter of the Northern Anarchist Network.  But when you read what happened a hundered years ago in Paris, you know how some of these people's minds work:

December 4th, 1912:  Anarchist Shot in Revenge
PARIS:  An attempt at murder, supposed to be an act of revenge on the part of the notorious Anarchist, Lacombe, was committed about six o'clock yesterday [Dec 4] morning in a small apartment in the passage de Clichy.  A man named Erisbach, better known as Ducret, also an Anarchist, had lived there with his wife for several years.  Aroused by a knock at the door yesterday, the wife, thinking it was a neighbour, who had called them as usual, got up, lit a lamp, unlocked the door, and went back to the bedroom.  A moment afterwards she was surprised to see a man enter, holding a revolver in each hand.  He advanced toward her husband, and said:  'You sold our comrades, now your turn has come,' whereupon he fired twice and severely wounded Erisbach.  (From the Herald Tribune 100 years ago)

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Anonymous said...

Bang, bang, you're dead.
But seriously, what a sad case you are, Bamford with your paranoid fantasies.