Thursday, 18 October 2012

Will taxpayers fund Hillsborough Officer accused of using improper 'influence'?

YESTERDAY, the Yorkshire Post in an editorial comment wrote:     '(T)here will be dismay that Sir Norman (Bettison), the West Yorkshire police chief who plans to take early retirement next March unless his departure is brought forward after he lost the confidence of his own police authority, will be able to call upon this (special) fund which can potentially provide individual officers with up to £1m for legal expenses.'  Sir Norman Bettison stands accused that he tried to improperly 'influence' his own police authority's position in the Hillsborough investigations in 1989. 

It was revealed yesterday that Sir Norman will be able to call upon a taxpayer-funded 'war chest' that helps chief police officers with up to £1m in legal expenses should he face a legal action in the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster.  Sir Norman has been well blessed with a salary of £225,000 as West Yorkshire's Chief Constable and previously got a tax-free lump sum of £328,000 after he retired as Merseyside chief officer.

The Yorkshire Post is saying Sir Norman should be put on 'gardening leave' while the investigation is being held into his behaviour, if he won't step down immediately. 

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