Tuesday, 29 May 2012

'No threat to Touchstones' says Rochdale Council Boss Colin Lambert

Rochdale Council leader, Colin Lambert, assured me that there was no risk that Touchstones would be turned into a bookies or solicitors office, when I sat next to him on the 471 bus in the middle of May.   He said:  'I don't know how that story got about.'   I told him that I had an interest in this matter as a supporter of Touchstones Challenge.  He also promised me that the river in Rochdale town centre would be opened up by the end of this year and that we should be able to see the medieval bridges of Rochdale by Christmas.  He took a copy of Northern Voices No. 13 with Debbie Firth's critical article of the Link4Life management of Touchstones in it.  I neglected to tell Colin that the Link4Life bosses had banned the sales of this issue of Northern Voices in the Touchstones' bookshop on account of Debbie Firth's piece.

The printed version of NORTHERN VOICES 13, covers all sorts of stuff others won't touch and may be obtained as follows:

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