Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Letter to the Home Secretary

See below text of letter sent by John McDonnell MP to the Home Secretary earlier today:

Dear Home Secretary,

You will be aware of the article in the Observer on Sunday concerning the involvement of the Police and Security Services in the compilation of a blacklist of workers by the Consulting Association used to deny these workers access to employment.

The operation of the blacklist is contrary to law and morally reprehensible but to also discover that the Police and Security Services have been involved in the blacklisting process is extremely worrying and a matter of considerable public interest.

I am writing therefore to ask whether you are intending to make a statement to the House on this important issue.

I am also writing to urge you to establish an independent public inquiry into the operation of blacklisting in this country given that over 3200 workers were found to have been blacklisted and given the severe effect this has had on their lives.

I would welcome a prompt response to these questions.


John McDonnell MP

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