Friday, 23 December 2011

From Blacklisting to BESNA!

HVCA are employing an individual called Steve Quant who used to work for SCANSKA. He was apparently sacked by SKANSKA because he was involved in the blacklisting of construction workers. It is reported that he later became employed as 'Ian Kerr's right-hand man': Mr Kerr, who set up the now disbanded firm The Consulting Association in the Midlands, pleaded guilty to keeping an illegal data base in 2009 in the Knutsford Crown Court and was fined £5,000 plus costs. Steve Quant is now reported to be involved in promoting the new controversial BESNA proposals for electricians in the British building trade.


Anonymous said...

Quant was sacked by SKANSKA for his involvement in blacklisting construction workers. How strange! I would have thought that SKANSKA would have given him a medal considering that they paid the most money to The Consulting Association(TCA) for checking personal details held by TCA on construction workers. Explain!

Anonymous said...

The golden rule in English professional life is 'Do what you want, but whatever you do don't get caught!' SKANSKA came up with an imaginative excuse when it was revealed that they were affiliated to The Consulting Association, and that was that they were only cross-referencing people applying for jobs with them so as to avoid employing drunks, drug addicts and nar' do wells.