Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Occupy Manchester

The Occupy Manchester protest is continuing and is now in day four. There was a general assembly on Sunday of 200 people which I addressed. I reported back on my visit to Heraklion, Crete where there was a big demo in Eletheria Plateia (Freedom Square) organised by Aganaktismenoi Heraklion. (The Indignant ones, Heraklion). The social movement in Greece against the IMF and Papandreou's PASOK Government is on an enormous scale, with protests , occupations and strikes taking place on a regular basis.

Occupy Manchester now has a permanent base in the Peace Gardens, St Peters Square, together with a token presence on Albert Square due to the start of the market including Harvey Nicks.

The occupiers need all the support they can get from Manchester activists: donations of food, bedding etc would be gratefully received. Spread the word. Everyone welcome to join in and support the protest. Lets follow in the footsteps of Occupy Wall Street and Los Indignatos in Spain and Syntagma Square in Athens.

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Anonymous said...

The 'OCCUPY! MANCHESTER: Assemble of opposition to the cuts on the doorstep of the Tory's conference' is still happening in the Peace Gardens today. The Albert Square occupation was 'forced' out of Albert Square by the police, who surrounded the demo with police vehicles on Wednesday night/ Thursday morning. After that a negotiation took place with the police & it was agreed to move to the Peace Gardens. The stated intention was to create 'a symbol of the mass opposition to the cuts and a place for real debate and discussion about alternatives and possibilities'.

This occupation has the broad support of other main stream groups including two branches of the Bakers Union in Manchester & Merseyside; the Education Activist Network; Geoff Brown, Secretary of Manchester Trade Union Council; Manchester Book Block; Mcr. Climate Action; Mcr. Social Centre; Mcr. Green & Black Cross; Mcr. Solidarity Fed.; Mcr. University Staff Against the Cuts; Mcr. Uni. Students Union; The Okasional Cafe; Queer Resistance North-West; Real Democracy Mcr.; Really Open University; Shift Magazine; SWP; Socialist Worker Student Society. It is not clear if the demo will continue much beyond today.