Monday, 12 September 2011


From the Blacklist Support  Group:

1. European Parliament
There is a debate on blacklisting taking place in the European Parliament next week. Now would be a great time to contact your MEP and apply some pressure to make sure they participate in the debate and vote the right way.

2. European Court of Human Rights
UCATT is taking the case of Terry Brough from Liverpool to the ECHR - John Hendy is representing.
We expect the paperwork to be submitted within the next few days

3. TUC Fringe meeting

TUC Fringe Meeting
13th September 2011 - 6.30pm to 830pm
Room 2B
University of London Union (ULU)
Malet Street,

Speakers from:
  • Blacklist Support Group - representing workers blacklisted by multi-national building firms for their trade union activities
  • UNITE Construction rank & file - electricians campaign against the 35% pay cut proposed by major employers
  • Justice for Shrewsbury Pickets - campaign for judicial review into the imprisonment of Des Warren & Ricky Tomlinson in 1973
  • London Hazards Centre - there has been a spate of serious accidents on major projects in the last few days

Film: BLACKLISTED - by Reel News.

4. Campaigning
Fighting against the Blacklist has been a central demand of all the electricians rank and file action over the past few weeks. 8 major electrical contractors (most of them also part of the Consulting Association blacklist conspiracy) are pulling out of the J.I.B. national agreement. The propose to deskill electrical work and cut electricians pay by 35%. Blacklisted workers have spoken at every meeting, demonstration and protest - taking the message to the building sites.

5. Recent Press coverage:
These might come in handy if you're contacting your MEP etc:

Steve Acheson on BBC

Smith v Carillion in Daily Mirror

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