Sunday, 5 June 2011

On the stump with Tameside Council`s Deputy Leader, Cllr. 'WAG' Taylor! Does he need help with anger management?

Local council elections in Tameside are normally a boring affair. Usually, fewer than one-in-three people bother to vote and the council in this one party state, has been dominated by Labour for over three decades. With so few people voting, it is questionable whether those who get elected to the council, have any real democratic legitimacy.

In the recent May elections, where there was a 39.91% turnout (one of the highest turnouts ever in Tameside due to the AV referendum), the Lib Dems (the fag-end of the Tory party) didn't even bother to field a candidate. In Hyde Werneth, the Conservative leader John Bell, just about managed to hang on to his seat against Labour`s candidate, Raja Miah. However, though Labour failed to make any in-roads into the Conservative minority, there was a Labour gain in Mossley, where Labour`s candidate, Idu Miah, a local post office owner, became Tameside Council`s first ever Asian councillor.

Though there were few surprises on the night, one thing that people can look forward to in the Tameside elections, is the annual dust-up between councillor John (Wag) Taylor the Deputy Leader of the council and his bête noire, the BNP candidate, Roy West. West, a convicted racist, saw his vote halved since standing last year. Other BNP candidates also got a similar thrashing with their votes collapsing.

Though Roy West failed to win this election, he did nevertheless, manage to provide much needed entertainment on the night in his ongoing spat with Councillor 'Wag' Taylor outside the Dukinfield community centre. Judging from the above video, West appears to have won this round, if not the election, as an enraged councillor Taylor, can be seen 'wagging' his finger threateningly at his BNP rival.

In politics, it is generally advisable to keep one's cool when confronting political rivals however odious, they may appear to be. Now that 'Wag' has risen to the dizzy heights of Deputy Leader, we wonder whether he might benefit from taking a course in anger management. But as local people say around here, you could stand a monkey for election with a Labour red rosette, and it would get elected.


Anonymous said...

Notice that Cllr Wild had a bottle of champagne at the ready. A little presumptuous you'd think?

And what was former Denton South councillor Andrew Doubleday doing there? He's been disgraced for telling a girl under the age of 10 "fucking shift faggot" at St. Lawrence's Cricket Club.

And what was TMBC's Executive Director for Community, Environment, Adults & Health Services doing there? Surely she should be concentrating on her department when her department was slammed as part of a report on David Askew's death.

Anonymous said...

Pity Councillor Maurice Taylor is no longer with us,he might of got more than threatened.

Roy K West said...

Convicted racist oh please. He's a white German.
At the first sight of an English flag he's out grunting.
"It's because I'm German"

Roy K West said...

What have I come to know about the gutter politics in Dukinfield?
Councillor John Taylor seems to be free to do what ever he wants.
Like: go to my neighbours making allegations, trying to incite violence against my family.
Telling the people of Dukinfield in his leaflets, that I'm guilty of crimes I did not commit.
In 2008 John Taylor spread untrue allegations that I was using a false name, and sent the police to my house on election day.
Every time Cllr Taylor gets upset about comments on these blogs, he sends the police round to my house.
I've lost count, the number of times he and his wife have called the police on me.
In 2010 Councillor John Taylor assaulted me and broke my phone, his wif assaulted me on the same day.
She comes out shouting when she sees me leafleting.
You would not believe what I've seen since 2007.