Friday, 25 March 2011

Bury Council Boss Bob Bibby says: 'the people of Bury don't care who empty their bins'

BURY's TORY Council leader Bob Bibby reportedly said that people in Bury did not care who collected their bins. His ‘transformation strategy’ included the assumption ‘that the council will not directly deliver services’.

Councillor Bibby may have recognised the impact his clumsy management of this strategy has had on his own employees. He has been forced to write to them assuring them that he will take full account of the consultation and that ‘in house’ delivery of services will be fairly considered alongside the option to bring in alternative providers. Since Councillor Bibby made his statement, waste management at Bradley Fold Waste Depot has assured binmen there that they had no plan to privatise the service.

Bury Action Group is urging the council to publicise the outcome of the consultation. How many responses supported the outsourcing of services and how many were opposed? How has the consultation influenced Councillor Bibby’s report? Bury Action Group member, George Heron, commented:
'We think the Tory Group has been taken aback by the strength of the response to their token consultation. Perhaps that will be reflected in the leader’s final report and in the way the "strategy" is implemented – but we can’t rely on that.'
Bury Action Group can be contacted via or by phoning George Heron on 0161 798 8762

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