Sunday, 16 January 2011


Dukinfield councillor John Taylor (pictured above), the Deputy Labour Leader of Tameside Council in Greater Manchester, loves to vent his spleen in his weekly letter to his local rag the Tameside Reporter. So numerous are his letters that many local people have nicknamed the paper the 'Taylor Times'.

This former welder and keen Manchester City fan known locally as 'Wag' Taylor (an epithet he acquired owing to his rare attendance at school), dislikes the Human Rights Act(brought in by New Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw),benefit cheats, fireworks,and illegal immigrants. He also is in favour of national identity cards and is a huge fan of the deviant performance artist Ms. Vicky Leyton, better known as 'Sticky Vicky' the vaginal magician.

Several years ago after returning from holiday in Benidorm, councillor Taylor, (the then Chair of Tameside Social Services) took up his pen and doggedly wrote to the 'Taylor Times' (sorry the Tameside Reporter) and said:

"I was on holiday last week in Spain, in a place called Benidorm, where they have a famous local act, a lady called Vicky Leyton, known as 'Sticky Vicky'. She would go down a bomb in Staly Vegas" aka Stalybridge.(see Northern voices 7).

More recently councillor Taylor has turned his mind to more weightier matters such as dog fouling and dog control orders as well as alleygating. He has become something of a hate figure among some local dog owners who recently organised a demonstration in a local park, in opposition to the restrictions placed on dogs and their owners such as the requirement to have maximum lead length of two metres.

Although a Labour councillor, councillor Taylor`s political views would not be out of place in the columns of the Daily Malice, sorry, the Daily Mail. Like the Daily Mail, he also detests the Human Rights Act. Last December (2010) he wrote in the Reporter: "The human rights act is an act that protects criminals and terrorists. We do not need this act in Great Britain." Last February (2010) he was pictured in the same paper proudly displaying his newly purchased ID card. He told the paper:

"From what I understand, people who come to this country, whether they are immigrants or asylum seekers - have to have one of these ID cards - and so they should. If people come to this country and don`t get an ID card I would want to know why...People always bring up the Big Brother stuff but I don't have a problem with that, it is there to look after you...ID cards, CCTV and surveillance are all making things safer - It`s just part of everyday life...Get used to it."

Amazingly,despite his right-wing reactionary views and his penchant for banning things, two years ago, councillor Taylor, claimed that he`d received death threats after being posted on the fascist website 'Redwatch'. Some people have suggested that politically he has far more in common with those on the far right than he realises.


Tameside Eye said...

He has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth. One recent example was on his Twitter feed to slag off teachers who didn't make it into school during the heavy snow, yet at the same time Tameside Council announced that all councillors surgeries were cancelled!

He also thought this post I did on him was racist, so called in inspector plod as he has "Jewish ancestry". He basically supported the UVF for beating up a lad suspected of theft without a trial.

So what does he do later on? He hires a private security force to patrol a council estate on Dukinfield with Rottweiler dogs. The firm he hired was one where a certain Councillor Sean Parker-Perry describes himself as a "Business Development Manager".

Anonymous said...

Put his foot in it, that certainly seems apt. According to this weeks Tameside Reporter, disgruntled dog owners are now planting dog shit near his home. As for his weekly letter, one wonders how he gets the time to write them when he claims to be working 24/7 on council duties. Rumour has it that a former Reporter journalist now working as a press officer for TMBC, writes them. I gather that one of the Directors of Peak Combined Services, who have been awarded council contracts recently, is also a prominent local Labour Party member. How incestuous. No wonder they call it Zhanu Labour.

Anonymous said...

Recent Tweets from councillor John (WAG) Taylor, deputy leader of Tameside Council.

"@northernvoices the more the better keep the video circulating, keep the insults coming
9:45 PM Jan 17th via web in reply to northernvoices
.@northernvoices @tamesidecouncil Love it do some more.
4:41 PM Jan 17th via web in reply to northernvoices"

"Just had a threat from the bnp scum candidate in my ward to spend another £1000,00 to remove me he lives on benefits never worked
06 February 2011 22:00:58 via web."

Anonymous said...

"He lives on benefits never worked". That`s rich coming from a man who`s never done a proper job in donkey`s years and has been living off councillors expenses and allowances for years. Some people might say that this is akin to poncing off the taxpayer. Last year he claimed nearly £32,000 in allowances.

Roy K West said...

The police told me to stop posting leaflets about his expenses in Duki.