Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Student occupation of Roscoe Lecture Theatre, Manchester University

For the last 10 days, there has been an occupation of the lecture theatre in the Roscoe Building at the University of Manchester by students protesting at proposed tuition fee rises and education cuts. The presence of the Socialist Workers Student Student is very obvious, but their tactics are scarcely winning over many students. The main problem is that the occupation is transient, and for long periods normal lectures take place in the lecture theatre.

There have, however, been some interesting alternative lectures on the Diggers, Levellers, Mary Wollstonecraft etc, resulting in an exchange of ideas and libertarian and anarchist ideas are gaining some traction. I have participated in the last 5 days of the occupation as a community activist and NSSN supporter and have distributed literature on anarcho-syndicalism which has been well received. Friends of Seisdedos have also made a donation to the fighting fund.

Finally a number of leaflets promoting the NAN in Bolton as well as The OK Cafe have been circulated. The OK cafe is an autonomous space in the squatted Lord Nelson pub on the corner of Great Ancoats Street and Newton Street: Contact mcrokcafe@gmail.com, or go to okcafe.wordpress.com

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SalforDave said...

The North's Queen SWP Paper-seller has set up shop in the SU basement. Clever girl! #solidarity