Monday, 2 August 2010

The Yorkshire Post & the alien Beef Curry

LAST WEEK, the Yorkshire Post ended its 'deliciously yorkshire' series of ten recipes with a liquorice Cake from ProperMaid. What troubles Northern Voices is that its No.6 recipe card was Aberdeen Angus Beef Curry from Cedar Barn Farm Shop & Cafe, Pickering. Now while Mandy & Karl Avison at Cedar Barn may claim that they are 'dedicated to fresh wholesome food sourced as locally as possible' and that they 'provide their own free range eggs ...... and the beef is home-reared Aberdeen Angus', is it really authentically Yorkshire to offer us a beef curry? Aberdeen being north of Northumbria and curry having colonial connections usually associated with the Indian sub-continent. It hardly meets Chris Draper's standards of regional authenticity as expressed in his review of Northern Tea Time Treats in the current issue of Northern Voices.


WTF? said...

Why isn't it 'authentically Yorkshire'?: since Yorkshire is pretty much the home of the 'curry' in this country? I take exception to your use of 'alien' - do you extend that term to the people and culture with whom it's associated?

bammy said...

When you say 'Yorkshire is pretty much the home of "curry" in this country', I suppose you are refering to Bradford? I don't much like dictionary definitions but mine says 'curry - a dish originating in India ...' 'Alien' is given as 'belonging to, characteristic of, or derived from another place, society, or person.' Regarding Aberdeen Angus; well that is a breed of cow that originates with the porrige eating people north of the border - though I understand the breed was later transferred to Argentina & most of them are now cross-bred.