Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Nearly a northerner but not quite, is the legendary Steve Winwood, from Handsworth in Birmingham. 'Had to cry today', written by Winwood, was perfomed originally by the band 'Blind Faith' which comprised Winwood, Eric Clapton, Rick Gretch and Ginger Baker. Back in the early 1970s, I saw Steve winwood at a music venue in Manchester. I`ve always considered him a great musician and song writer. Anyway, have a listen to it and make your own minds up. It makes a change for reading about dustbin men and trade unions.


bammy said...

Can't you can tell we are in the 'silly season' when we have a claim here that Birmingham is 'nearly northern'. With the greatest respect, Jasper Carrot called it 'The arsehole of England'. The term most commonly used is that it is in the Midlands. Which seems to show the English sense of compromise; the Germans don't seem to have a concept of 'the Midlands' in Germany, I believe & the Spaniards refer to 'El Centro' meaning Madrid & Castile.

bammy said...

Nath then lad the crucial word here is 'nearly'. Willy Eckerslike said that in one of his comic strips. After all the Spanish republicans nearly beat General Franco's forces in the Spanish Civil War.