Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Charter Tenant Victimised!

A tenant of the New Charter Housing Trust in Tameside has been told that his nomination to stand as a tenant director (for July 2010) will not be accepted by New Charter housing management. Steve Fisher from Dukinfield, aged 53, has been told by John Ardern, Director of New Business and Assurance, that his conduct is too 'adversarial' and it is unclear he adds: "what is motivating you to apply for a Tenant Director’s post." Mr Fisher was told that New Charter would not accept his application due to the way he has conducted himself with the company and that his e-mails to the housing company would be used as evidence of his ineligibility.

In 2006, Mr.Fisher was taken to court by New Charter who sought an injunction against him to force him clean up his natural wildlife garden which the company claimed was untidy. The issue attracted local media interest and New Charter accused him of bringing the company into disrepute. Steve Fisher told NV blog:

"New Charter have never forgiven me for the bad media coverage that they received when they took me to court. Ever since, the company, have had an axe to grind not just against my garden trees but also against me personally. For the last 2 years I have been banned from entering any of their buildings and I am forbidden from talking to any of their staff except John Ardern. As a New Charter tenant I have been disenfranchised and discriminated against by a company that claims to believe in equal opportunities and claims to be a company that cares. In spite of their efforts to block my nomination, I have submitted my application in person."


dpat47 said...

New Charter management are acting like a bunch of thugs. The only people that they want on their Board are YES men. Some years ago I attended a meeting which had been organised by UNISON about the transfer of council housing to a RSL. The meeting was cancelled by UNISON because two assistant directors of housing Bissell & Rigby,(who were stood outside the venue)were threatening council employees with the sack if the meeting went ahead. Both these reptiles went on to become New Charter managers. These are the kind of tactics used by New Charter.

Unknown said...

All I can tell you is I did not vote in favour of the NC take over. Whatever form of wildlife happens to be in charge necessitates one becoming a wrangler of said species. Ie One needs to be a chameleon to deal with reptiles.