Saturday, 10 April 2010


TODAY the Bradford bookfair took place at the 1-in-12, with about seven stalls including Bob Jones' Northern Herald Books; the Cunningham Amendment & Anarchist Voices; AK Press; SolFed; AF; Antifa; Northern Voices & Northern Anarchist Network. A good response and atmosphere: sales bucked-up in the afternoon with NV going well and the Spanish memorabilia doing best. A flyer was distributed advertising the prospect of a forthcoming NAN at the 1-in-12 in June.

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bammy said...

The Leeds Surrealist Group also had a stall at the Bradford Bookfair. It's perhaps only to be expected that Northern Voices sold well up here; better than it did last October in London. And better than the Spanish Civil War booklet that always sells well down South. Mike 'B' from Manchester was critical of the lack of stimulating meetings at Bradford and he left early muttering: 'It's not exciting enough for me'.