Thursday, 25 March 2010

NAN Theme: Social Democracy on its last legs?

NAN Conference at Central Methodist Hall, Hargreaves St., Central Burnley: Saturday 27th, March, starting at 11.30am:

Long time Burnley anarchist, John Simpkin, told Northern Voices last night that this Saturday he intended to address the Burnley NAN Conference on what he called 'The collapse of Social Democracy in the UK'. Dealing with the forthcoming election he said he was asking: 'Is Parliamentary politics any longer relevant to ordinary people?' He will speak at 2pm.

Jim Petty, a well known local anarchist, will consider the relevance of the General Strike and its historical conception from the English Civil war through the 19th Century and the notion of the National Holiday, to the experience of the general strike in the 20th Century. Speaks 12 o'clock.

Brian Bamford, of the Northern Voices affinity group, will address the issues of middle class influences in British politics including anarchism; the failure of the left to provide a vision or strategy owing to its cultural fragmentation, and the current problem of party political funding.

Neil & Graham, from Wellington, Shropshire, will describe the history of the struggle against open-cast mining in the Wrekin Forest and discuss the the issue of the climate camp in a Shropshire area of natural beauty.

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