Saturday, 17 October 2009

Terrorism Act 2000 being used against Blacklisted workers

A hearing is pending in the Royal Courts of Justice, London, on Wednesday 21st October at 10.30am, at which Scottish and Southern Energy is applying for an injunction against Steve Acheson, one of the 3 electricians in the class legal action blacklist case against companies affiliated to Ian Kerr's Consulting Association, & also Sec. of the Unite/EPIU Manchester Contracting Branch: this is an injunction sought by the main contractor at Fiddlers Ferry.

This injunction is being brought under the Terrorism Act 2000 & seeks to show that Steve, as the 1st respondent, & others unnamed [as second respondents], by their constant picketing of the site represent "a threat to the energy supplies of this country". Because this application is being brought under the Terrorism Act 2000, Steve will not be able to defend himself at this hearing, as we understand it. The basis of the application is that by picketing the site he is committing a Trespass because he & others are on the Firm's property; that having issued leaflets to workers on the site calling for 'direct action' he is 'inciting' the workforce to commit acts contrary to the national interest which may impact on energy supplies & that he has, at times, acted in a way that might have intimidated the workforce. There is no mention in the company's deposition to the Court that he was formerly employed by them, nor that his picket represents a campaign against blacklisting. One senior trade union leader in the RMT has already said that if this goes ahead it will have consequences for the whole trade union movement.


gyg3s said...

Are you sure it is the Terrorism Act 2000?

I think the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 is being used. I don't know, I'm just reading between the lines.

In this note it is reported that the Prevention of Terrorism Act (no date given) is being used but they go on to say that an injunction is being sought.

Rather than an injunction, I suspected that a "control order" is being sought. See s1(1) of the Prevention of Terrrorism Act 2005.

gyg3s said...

How do you know any Terrorism Acts were involved in the case?

Suggesting that the Terrorism Act 2000 was involved didn't make sense to me, hence my suggestion of the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005.

But from the reports coming out after the case, it isn't clear that any terrorism Act was involved.

Can you provide more details, please?