Friday, 27 March 2015

Sun Shaft's Simple Simon!

KATIE Hopkins in today's Sun newspaper writes:  'It seems Simon will do anything for your votes'.   Earlier this week Simon Danczuk, the MP for Rochdale, threw a wobbler and described the leaders of his party, the Labour Party, as 'f**king knob[s]'.

Today, Ms Hopkins in her column in the Sun writes:
'I just don't get it.  Do all Labour leaders have to be covered in sweat and coal dust to be accepted up North?  If they haven't got a pint and a whippet... does that mean they aren't Labour enough to be worth a vote?'

What Katie Hopkins doesn't know is that besides following in the political footsteps of Smith the former MP for Rochdale, who Mr. Danczuk has recently studied in some depth, Simon has for some years been an avid reader of Northern Voices, and apart from some revelations about Cyril Smith which we brought to Danczuk's attention in 2012, the printed version of our journal carries a cartoon entitled 'Willy Echerslike', created by the well known local Stalybridge artist Ken Cookson;  Mr. Echerslike  has the necessary a whippet, cloth cap, and regularly handles a pint of bitter in a way so dear to us Northern working-men.  Clearly Simon has been influenced by what he reads in N.V.!

Ms Hopkins is just as concerned at Simon's sucking up to the Pakistani community, something else the spanker Cyril Smith did in years gone by, and she skewers Danczuk's dilemma when she writes:
'Danczuk only sneaked in by a couple of votes last time so he is scared... He is desperate for votes...  In a last-ditch attempt to keep his seat this year, he did what any sensible politician would do when surrounded by people with loyalty to a country other than the one which pays their benefits.  He raised the Pakistani flag outside the town hall.  Upside down.'

We mustn't forget that Simon Danczuk has made mistakes outside Rochdale Town Hall before, such as in October 2011 when he was filmed wildly applauding the unveiling of a blue plaque to Cyril Smith.  In November 2012 in a speech in the House of Commons, he changed his tune and denounced Cyril as a child abuser.

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